My Name is Annette...

My name is Annette Griffiths and I was raised in a coastal fishing town in Western Australia. I am the mother of two beautiful young girls, a loving wife, and our family is blessed to live in gorgeous Perth.

And I am a Medium.

I was not aware of this ability until five years ago and it is fair to say it has taken me a long while to accept that I can communicate with people who have passed away. See You Tube Videos here explaining my story.


Once I became aware of Spirit and that they were trying to communicate with me, pretty soon it became clear there really was no going back. So I started researching obsessively, trying to understand what it meant.

I had never considered whether Mediumship was even real, let alone ever thought I would try to do it myself. I really hadn’t given it much thought at all.  I felt the Spiritual realm not even in the periphery of my subconscious. I was not religious, I was always very career minded, I was busily running my own landscape design business with my husband, and we were starting a brand new family. And now this was happening to me. I was confused to say the least.


Over the next few years I spent a lot of time researching; “What did it mean?” “Was this even real?” “What was I supposed to do with it?” And eventually, “How can I use it to help and connect people?”

I was told very early on in my discoveries that: ‘This is not a gift, until you “give” it to someone.’  This anecdote struck a chord with me.

So….five years later, here I am, connecting people with their deceased friends and loved ones as often as I can, offering a bridge for the spirit world. Every reading, I am constantly blown away at how this works, and I am incredibly grateful for this ability.

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