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If you are in Perth (Aus) and interested in an reading 'In Person', please contact us via Facebook Messenger or our website contact page, as availability is limited and these sessions are booked manually.



A Skype/Facetime Reading generally takes around 40mins. Readings via FaceTime and Skype work exactly the same as readings in person, which allows you to have a reading from the comfort of your own home, from anywhere in the world.



Grab a few girlfriends, some wine and cheese, sit on your couch together and allow me to come and offer you messages from the Spirit World to the group. These nights are a really fun way to hear from your loved ones in Spirit, and to share the experience with your friends and family.

Please contact us for prices, availability and bookings.


GROUP READINGS (POA, perth only)

A Small Group Reading is in the case that you have a few people that would like to come along with you during a reading, it can be helpful if you all like to hear from similar friends and family in Spirit. You are welcome to book a Small Group Reading session for 3-6 people.

Please contact us for prices, availability and bookings.


Two important things for you to know before a reading:

1. I can not choose who will come through during a reading; It is not like dialling a telephone number unfortunately. It will be someone you know or know of, but it is not always who you might expect. It could be your number one choice (i.e., your mother, your grandfather or your husband). It could also be an old neighbour, your girlfriends mother who you were good friends with, or an ex-mother in law. But I will say that spirit can bring through more than one soul in a session, and generally spirit will bring through who needs to come through at that time.

2. It is important that you do not tell me who you would like to come through before our session. Even if you do tell me, it will not guarantee they will come through, as who comes through is completely out of my control. And the less I know before a reading about you and your loved ones who have passed the better the validation I am able to offer. But after the reading? I want to hear ALL about them!

Coming to a Mediumship reading is about communicating with friends and loved one who have passed over and allowing them to bring through messages to you. It is completely led by Spirit. If you wish to hear from someone in particular, my advice is to have with you an item connected to the person/people you would like to hear from. You can also ‘speak’ with who it is you would like to come through (in your mind…. or out loud for that matter!) and tell them you would like them to come through in this reading, and hopefully they will. But this does not always guarantee they will come through, if someone else in Spirit wishes to come forward, they will. My advice is always to come with an open mind and open heart, and allow the experience of Spirit communication.