What is a Medium?

A medium is someone who can communicate with the souls of those who have passed away.

The dictionary says:

A medium is an instrument through which spirit conveys or accomplishes the sending of information”.

This essentially means the souls of people who have passed away and are no longer with us in a the physical world can send information through a medium to communicate with loved ones here. All mediums work differently to each other, but generally speaking, Spirit communicates through the use of a mediums senses; sight, sound, taste, touch and feel. Spirit also offers a sense of ‘knowing’, meaning a medium will just ‘know’ something to be true as it is coming from Spirit, but they can’t really explain to you ‘how’ they know. The way Spirit communicates to a medium is quite different to how we communicate with each other in the physical world.


Can I choose who I would like to communicate with during my Reading?

Unfortunately, I cannot choose who comes through in your reading.
It really could be anyone that you know, or know of that has passed over, it is not under my control. Spirit attending the medium could well turn out to be your number one choice; possibly being your late mother, father or husband. But it could also be your best friends son who passed away, a second cousin, or an old neighbour that you had not thought of in many years. As a medium, I have no control over who is presented to me. It is completely up to Spirit. I ask Spirit to allow through who needs to or who should come through.


Can I bring an item with me that is connected to the Soul I would like to hear from, to my reading?

You are more than welcome to have items present with you. As I mentioned earlier, the particular soul you are wishing to hear from in this particular reading, may not come through,  whether you have an item belonging to them or not. In saying that, it can work well sometimes as I believe it set intent, so if you would like to bring something, by all means you are welcome to.