Greer, 34

"Annette was amazing, her information was on point and accurate, she blew me away with the detail of my loved ones and their lives. I left the reading totally converted from a cynic to a believer in 'something more'. The reading left me feeling a sense of calm and contentment in the knowledge that even though my family aren't with me, that they are still around me. I would highly recommend Annette to anyone who is looking for a medium. She is 100% the real deal. "


Laura, 35

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Annette for number of years and find her very authentic, kind, compassionate and humorous. The information that Annette has provided me with during our sessions has been accurate, very personal and detailed. I feel blessed that Annette has allowed me to use her as a means to communicate with my loved ones that are no longer with us - this has brought me much comfort during difficult times and helped me think clearer to the future. I would highly recommend a reading with Annette to anybody."


Kimberlie, 36

Meeting with Annette was an absolute pleasure.  The information received by Annette during my reading from my loved ones was spot on.  If you are at all curious to connect with anyone who has passed on I highly recommend meeting with Annette, she is the real deal!